The Little Plumber
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Plumber in Darwin

At The Little Plumber, we install, repair and maintain residential and commercial plumbing in Darwin. No matter the size of the job – be it tap repairs or hot water system installations – we will get it done right the first time.

We specialise in small plumbing jobs but are also capable of performing larger projects. Our extensive range of services includes:

  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Hot water systems
  • Gas fitting
  • Roofing
  • Drainage systems
  • Irrigation systems
With more than 35 years worth of experience, we are prompt and reliable, resolving your plumbing concerns as quickly as possible. We are equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to provide you with safe, efficient and competitively priced plumbing services. Whether it’s a leaky roof or a bathroom upgrade, we can help. And we offer emergency plumbing services.
Plumbing Maintenance - Plumbing Services in Rosebury, NT
We provide reliable maintenance services for a range of plumbing pipes and fixtures. We also specialise in testing and commissioning of backflow prevention devices. Available 24/7 for emergencies.
Hot Water Systems - - Plumbing Maintenance in Rosebury, NT
Need hot water? We install, repair and service hot water systems including electric, gas, solar and heat pumps. We can supply and install an efficient hot water system that saves you time and money.
Gas Fitting - - Plumbing Maintenance in Rosebury, NT
Don’t compromise on safety. We are certified gas fitters, able to safely install, repair and service gas pipes, fixtures and appliances. We can also detect minor gas issues before they become more significant problems.
Roofing - Plumbing Maintenance in Rosebury, NT
We install, repair and maintain roofs of all types and sizes. No matter the complexity of your roofing requirements, we can handle it. We can efficiently fix problems such as roof leaks and faulty installations.
Drainage - Plumbing Maintenance in Rosebury, NT
We can spot all the signs of a clogged drain and provide the best drain cleaning solution. With proper cleaning, we can ensure your drain pipes and stormwater drains are kept free from obstruction.
Irrigation - Plumbing Maintenance in Rosebury, NT
Want to keep your gardens thriving? We design and install irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties. We also service, repair and maintain reticulation systems, irrigation controllers and pipes.